Define wave energy with an example

Mechanical Waves: The kind of waves which need some kind of medium to travel or to transfer the energy from one place to another are termed as the mechanical waves. Example of the mechanical waves is the ocean waves. Ocean waves require water as a medium (liquid medium) to carry the energy from one point to another point in the ocean. . Whatever work we do in our daily life, we use our body energy which shows the magnitude of work capacity. We need energy for living life and for doing any work. There are different forms of energy like kinetic, thermal, heat energy, electric energy, potential energy etc. It is the disturbance which is travelled along medium from one part to another Different types of waves are sound waves, water waves, surface waves, translational waves etc. These waves are transported with their energy. If we observe the ocean waves then these water waves are travelling through water medium and transportation of energy from one side to another side. The motion of waves contains a different degree of energy. The electromagnetic waves give us energy for life on earth. Here we discuss about wave energy , it is working process, and different types of wave energy . .

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