Describe issue emerges in the enforcement of national environment legislations.


Some problems occur here in the enforcement of national legislation on the environment. The Precautionary principle has developed to resolve the risks and uncertainty that environmental protection faces. The theory means that a pound of remedy is worth an ounce of prevention-it does not eradicate issues but can decrease their frequency and makes sure that contingency plans made.

The following are some significant concerns involved in the implementation of environmental laws in India:

1. Principle of Precaution,

2. The idea of polluter-pays,

3. Freedom of information

Despite so many rules and laws, the environmental problem in India feels hopeless. With toxic waste and sewage, the rivers and lakes tend to be polluted. The air is highly polluted in several of India’s cities. The air is highly polluted in several of India’s cities. Deforestation happens very naturally. Despite the implementation of the Acts, the conservation of wildlife is not carried out in its real essence.

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