Describe the construction of a kaleidoscope.

A Kaleidoscope is an optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces. These reflecting surfaces are tilted at an angle, so that one or more objects at one end of the mirrors can be seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end of the minor.


  • Take three equal sized plane mirror strips and arrange them in such a way that they form an equilateral triangle.
  • Cover the sides of the mirrors with a chart paper. With the help of a chart paper cover the bottom of the mirrors also.
  • Put some coloured things such as pieces of bangles and beads inside it.
  • Now, cover the top portion with the chart paper and make a hole in it to see.
  • You can wrap the entire piece with coloured papers to make it attractive.
  • Now, rotate it and see through its opening. You can see the beautiful patterns

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