Differentiate between national and regional parties.


The difference between the national and regional parties are tabulated below.

National parties

Regional parties

National parties are powerful in the nation, it deals with national issues

Regional parties’ power is limited to a specific region or state, only the issues and demands of a specific region are discussed by regional parties.

National parties’ actions offer preference to national issues over regional problems

Regional parties’ operations are confined to the country or the state in which they work, concentrating mostly on local issues.

A party must gain at least six percent of the total votes in lok sabha or assembly elections in four states in order to be a national party and win at least four seats in lok sabha.

A party has to receive at least six percent of the total votes in the legislative election to become a regional party and win at least two seats.

Instances of national parties are the BJP, Congress and BSP.

The instances of regional parties are Anta Dal, Manipur People Party, Assam United Decomcractic Front etc

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