Discuss the major reasons for poverty in India

Poverty is one of the biggest social cause in India. Poverty has become the root cause for all the other issues and this becomes a hindrance for the development of the country.

Causes of Poverty

  • The low level of economic development under British colonial rule. The policies of the colonial government ruined and devasted all traditional handicrafts and discouraged the development of industries like textiles.
  • Unequal distribution of land and resources is another vital cause for poverty in India.
  • To fulfil the demands of social obligations and religious ceremonies the poor community end up spending a lot which leads to poverty.
  • Inequality in earning the income of the people is also a wide cause for poverty.
  • The rapid rate of increase in population is also a factor of poverty.
  • Due to urbanisation, there has been a continuous decline in the productivity of agriculture.
  • Migration of qualified and educated citizens to other countries has reduced the economy of our country
  • Shortage of Entrepreneurship
  • The rise and hike in prices of daily essentials and needs
  • Education is the key factor. People are not getting quality education due to high fees and those getting educated are moving to other countries in search of jobs.

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