Distinguish between democratic and non-democratic elections.


Democracy is a form of government where the people elect the rulers. One key aspect common to all democracy is that the people select the government.  Take the Myanmar as an example of non-democratic government, where the people will not elect rulers. As kings, those who were in charge of the country’s army took over and citizens had no choice in this action.

The Democratic Elections of Countries

  • Elections are held periodically and in a free and fair manner in democratic countries.
  • People have the right to freely express their opinions.
  • Individuals nominate their leaders.
  • People are allowed to replace their leaders if they are not pleased with them.

The non -Democratic Elections of Countries

  • People do not have the right to elect their leaders in non-democratic countries.
  • Applicants in non-democratic countries use misconduct to win.
  • Citizens are at the mercy of the military rulers in non-democratic countries, which implies they can not openly voice their views.

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