Does benzene dissolve in water?


At 15 °C, benzene has a solubility of 1.79 g/L  that is about 0.02 mol/L, it shows benzene has some water solubility. However, many chemists use 0.10 mol/L as the high/low solubility cut-off point. Benzene is insoluble in water according to this definition.

  • Benzene is a symmetrical compound and thus it has zero dipole moment and is non-polar, while water is a polar compound possessing dipole moment.
  • When benzene is mixed with water, the molecular attraction will be more and benzene won’t be able to interfere with the water molecules. Hence, it is insoluble in water.
  • Both the carbon and hydrogen in benzene are equidistant and hence the net charge is balanced. Because of the ring structure, the net dipole moment is zero.
  • Hence, mixing the charged liquid and uncharged liquid is not possible which results a failure.

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