Draw the resonance structure of nitro benzene


Resonance structures are a group of two or more Lewis structures that collectively represent a single polyatomic species ‘ electronic bonding including fractional bonds and fractional charges.In organic chemistry, benzene is a very common aromatic hydrocarbon. Its chemical formula is C6H6. The cyclic structure of benzene molecules is made up of alternating single and double bonds between adjacent carbon atoms. Each carbon atom has a hydrogen atom bonded to it. The two possible benzene resonance structures are shown below.Benzene Resonance Structures

Resonance structure of nitro benzene

The presence of an electron withdrawing group, which has a double bond adjacent to the phenyl ring of nitrobenzene, causes the aromatic ring of nitrobenzene to have a lower electron density than that of benzene, as shown by the resonance structures of nitrobenzene.

  • The phenyl ring of nitrobenzene is less nucleophilic than benzene.
  • The ortho and para positions are positive in the resonance structures.
  • As a result, the electrophile would react at the meta position rather than these positions in an electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction.
  • When a double bond is in conjugation with the phenyl ring, it indicates that the electrophilic aromatic substitution product is the meta substituted product.

Resonance structure of nitro benzene


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