Evaluate tan pi/2

We have to find the value of tan Π/2


Tangent function denotes that for a given right-angled triangle, the tan of angle θ is equal to the ratio of the opposite side to the angle, and adjacent side or base.

Tan θ = Opposite Side/Adjacent Side

We can also represent the tangent function as the ratio of the sine function and cosine function.

∴ Tan θ = Sin θ /Cos θ

We know that Π= 180º

Π/2= 180º/2=90º

tan 90 degrees in terms of ratio is,

Tan 90° = Sin 900 / Cos90°

From the trigonometric table, we know,

Sin 90° = 1


Cos 90° = 0

∴ Tan 90°= 1/0 = Undefined

That means, we cannot define Tan 900 value.


tan Π/2= undefined

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