Evaporation takes place at/in _____. (1) boiling point (2) freezing point (3) between the freezing point and boiling point (4) all temperatures

Answer: (4) all temperatures

 Evaporation takes place at all temperatures. The air molecules that strike the surface impart some energy to the water molecules. If this energy is sufficient enough to change the phase of the water molecules, we experience a phenomenon known as evaporation.

How evaporation of water can be prevented?

Cool the water down by holding it in the shade, adding ice or freezing with refrigerated pipes or restricting its exposure to sunlight. This reduces the kinetic energy that the water molecules have available, which slows down the rate of evaporation.

Examples of evaporation

  • Melting of a cube of ice
  • Evaporation of acetone that is used for removing nail polish

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