Excess electrons in electron rich hydrides are present as ________

Electron rich hydrides have excess electrons that are present as lone pair. A pair of electrons occupying an orbital in an atom or molecule and not directly involved in bonding is called a lone pair of that atoms.

For example, Nitrogen has 5 electrons in its valence shell. Therefore its valency is 3. Nitrogen forms a covalent bond which is formed by sharing of electrons. It will share 3 electrons with another atom, and 2 electrons will remain in its valence shell. The remaining 2 electrons are its lone pair.

  • A lone pair is an electron pair in the outermost shell of an atom that is not shared or bonded to another atom. It is also called a non-bonding pair.
  • To identify lone pairs in a molecule, figure out the number of valence electrons of the atom and subtract the number of electrons that have participated in the bonding.
  • A lone pair is created due to the absence of empty orbitals.


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