Explain electron spin and intrinsic properties of electrons

The electron spin is among among one of the three intrinsic properties of the. electrons, the others are charge as we will as mass of electron. The electron spin. is defined as the spinning of the electron around its axis

In 1925, S A. Goutsmit as we will as G E. Uhlenbeck suggested that an electron has an intrinsic angular momentum i e. magnetic moment which is known as spin. In atomic Physics, intrinsic angular momentum of given particle is parametrized by spin quantum number. Spin quantum number is of fourth number. The other three are principal quantum number, azimuthal quantum number as we will as magnetic quantum number. The spin quantum number explains the unique quantum state of an electron. This is nominated as’s’ The Spins plays a significant role in quantum mechanics in finding the characteristics of elementary particles like electrons. The. direction of spin of the particle determines several things like degree. of freedom, angular momentum, spin quantum number etc Let us study more about the electron spin in this section.

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