Explain Some Demodulation Techniques

Some Demodulation Techniques are given below:

  • Diode Rectifier envelope Detector

Now let’s see how an amplitude modulated wave is being detected and demodulated. We need a diode that rectifies the incoming signal which allows only half of the wave. A capacitor is used to remove unwanted radio frequency signals leaving the original form.

  • Product Detector

The demodulation of amplitude modulated wave can be done by receiving the signals that incorporate a product detector of the mixer and with a local beat frequency oscillator or a carrier injection oscillator. The local oscillator cannot synchronise with the incoming signal carrier should be the basic form.

  • Synchronous Detector

This method of synchronous detection facilitates optimum performance.it employs a product detector or a mixer with a local oscillator that is synchronised to the incoming signal carrier. This proves to be more useful than other forms of AM modulation

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