Explain the drawbacks of rutherford's model of the atom?

Before explaining the drawbacks of the Rutherford atomic model we can see the experiment and conclusions which he came up with

Rutherford performed an experiment using alpha particle and gold foil. most of the alpha particles passed through the gold foil and there observed a deflection of alpha particles by a small angle

few alpha particles rebounded and he came up with a certain conclusion

Most of the space in an atom is empty

the space occupied by the positive charge is very small

the positive charges and mass of the atom were concentrated in a very small volume within the atom

The centre of atom is called nucleus

Electron spin around the nucleus in a circular path

sixe of nucleus is comparitively small than the size of atom

The drawbacks of this model was he failed to explain the stability of electrons in a circular path

He failed to explain about the arrangement of electrons in an atom


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