Explain the following giving examples. a) saturated solution b) pure substance c) colloid d) suspension

There are different kinds of solutions. Let us learn some sort of solutions in this article.

a) Saturated Solution

A saturated solution is a solution that contains the maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved under the condition at which the solution exists.


  • Beverages are one of the most widely used and loved saturated solutions.
  • Soil present on the earth surface can also be called a saturated mixture which consists of nitrogen. Once the saturation point is reached, the excess nitrogen is let out into the air in gas.

b) Pure Substance

Pure substances are made up of only one kind of particles and have a fixed or constant structure. An element is a pure substance as it cannot be broken down or transformed into a new substance even by using some physical or chemical means. Elements are mostly metals, non-metals or metalloids.


  • All elements are mostly pure substances. A few of them include gold, copper, oxygen, chlorine, diamond, etc.
  • Compounds such as water, salt or crystals, baking soda, amongst others, are also grouped as pure substances.

c) Colloids

Colloids are defined as a mixture where one of the substances is split into very minute particles dispersed throughout a second substance. The minute particles are known as colloidal particles. Colloids are heterogeneous mixtures in which solute particles’ size is intermediate between those in true solutions and those in suspensions and are big enough to scatter light.


  • Milk
  • Blood etc.

d) Suspension

A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the small particles of a solid are spread throughout a liquid without dissolving in it. The naked eye can see the particles of a suspension. In this type of mixture, all the components are completely mixed, and all the particles can be seen under a microscope. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture containing solid particles that are sufficiently large for sedimentation.


  •  Chalk -water mixture
  • Flour in water
  • Milk of Magnesia etc.

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