Explain the IPO cycle.


  • Input Process Output cycle or IPO cycles used in computers. The data obtained by the system is considered as input.
  • The information is processed, stored and generates output by the computer.
  • Input is known as what is loaded into a computer.
  • Another machine or an individual can input it. Typing digits is an input for calculation.
  • The computer performs multiple functions on the number on the computer that has been typed and it is known as processing.
  • Computer storage store information so that it will be used for processing afterwards. Most of the computers preserve information on the hard disk.
  • The data that is commonly used when running different programs are loaded and preserved in RAM by most computers.
  • After the processing, the information generated is considered as output.


  1. The results in the calculator after entering the numbers in the calculator.
  2. The song or video you load on the computer is an example of the output.

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