Explain the male reproductive system of cockroach.

The male reproductive system of cockroach consists of a pair of testes. The testes lie on each lateral side in the 4th – 6th abdominal segments. A thin vas deferens arises from each testis. It opens into ejaculatory duct through seminal vesicle. The ejaculatory duct opens into male gonopore which is situated ventral to anus. in tIhe 6th-7th abdominal segmentsa typical mushroom-shaped reproductive gland is present . Male gonapophysis or phallomeres made up of chitin. represent the external genitalia. They are asymmetrical structures and surround the male gonopore. The sperms are stored in the seminal vesicles. The sperms are glued together in the form of bundles called spermatophores. Spermatophores are discharged during copulation.

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