Explain the tidal hypothesis

The tidal hypothesis is one of the modern hypotheses of the origin of the earth and the solar system. Jeans postulated his hypothesis on the basis of certain axioms. While Newton explained the tides by describing the tide-generating forces and Bernoulli gave a description of the static reaction of the waters on Earth to the tidal potential.

Tidal hypothesis are follows:

  • Initially, the sun was a big incandescent gaseous mass of matter.
  • Excluding the Sun there is another star termed as ‘intruding star’ in the universe. This star was much ‘larger in size’ than the primitive sun.
  • The sun rotating on its axis was stationary also whereas the intruding star was moving along a path in which it was predestined to come ‘nearer to the primitive sun’.
  • The tidal force ‘affected the intruding star’ on the surface of the ‘primitive sun’.

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