Find the square root of 169 by long division method

  1. Start grouping the number in pairs from the right end. The unpaired number left in the end can be taken as a single entity. For 169, both the numbers will be grouped under one bar.
  2. Find the largest number which, when multiplied with itself, gives 1 or a smaller number closest to 1. Here it is 1. Perform the division using 1 as the divisor.

  3. Bring down the next pair of numbers. Here it is 69. Multiply the quotient 1 by 2 (or add it with itself) and write it in the new divisor’s place. 2 will be the digit at ten’s place for the new divisor. 23 x 3 =69
  4. The quotient obtained from the long division is the square root of 169 = ±13

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