Find the surface area and volume of a rectangular pyramid

Pyramids are three-dimensional structures having triangle faces and have an encompassing polygon shape at its base.

Rectangular pyramid

If the base of a pyramid is rectangular, then it is called a rectangular pyramid. Though the shape of the base is rectangular, the sides of all pyramids are in a triangular shape.

A rectangular pyramid is a pyramid, which has a rectangular-shaped base. If we look at the bottom view of this pyramid, it looks like a rectangle. Hence, the base has two parallel sides equal.

Surface area and volume

Surface area of a rectangular pyramid:

\(A=l w+l \sqrt{\left(\frac{w}{2}\right)^{2}+h^{2}}+w \sqrt{\left(\frac{l}{2}\right)^{2}+h^{2}}\)

Volume of a rectangular pyramid:

V = (lwh)/3

Where, l=Lenght of rectangular base w=width of rectangular base h=height of pyramid

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