Following is the list of temperatures of five places in India, on a particular day of the year. Place Temperature i) Siachin 100C below 0 Degree C ii) Shimla 2Degree C below 0Degree C iii) Ahmedabad 30Degree C above 0Degree C iv) Delhi 20Degree C above 0 Degree C v) Srinagar 5Degree C below 0Degree C (a) Write the temperature of these places in the form of integers in the blank column. (b) Following is the number line representing the temperature in degree Celsius. Plot the name of the city against its temperature. (c) Which is the coolest place? (d) Write the names of the place where temperature are above 100C.

(a) Siachin -10°C

Shimla -2°C

Ahmedabad 30°C

Delhi 20°C

Srinagar -5°C



(c) The coolest place is where the temperature is minimum as compared to other cities.

Hence, here Siachin is the coolest place with -10 degrees.

(d) The places where the temperature is above 10 degrees are Delhi and Ahmedabad.

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