Give the chemical formula of the solution of borax in water.

Borax dissolves in water to give an alkaline solution.

Na2B4O7 + 7H2O → 2NaOH + 4H3BO3


Sodium tetraborate decahydrate is the IUPAC name of borax. It’s a component of the many detergents, cosmetics. The term borax is usually used for several closely related minerals or chemical compounds.

  • Borax is naturally found in evaporite deposits which are produced by the recurrent evaporation of seasonal lakes.
  • Naturally occurring borax is purified by recrystallization.
  • Borax reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce boric acid.
  • Borax has many chemical characteristics that add to its cleaning ability.
  • Borax is quick for the body to break down when it is either inhaled or swallowed.

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