Golden fibre refers to _____________

Jute is referred to as the golden fibre. It has gained its name as olden fibre due to its shiny brown colour. The fibre is affordable to all the consumers and is completely biodegradable. It also comes under the category of economic plant.

Components of Jute

Listed below are the components of jute

  • The main chemical components of jute fibres are lignin and cellulose.
  • The term ‘lignin’ is used for a class of complex organic polymers.
  • Cellulose can be termed as an organic polysaccharide which comprises of a linear chain (straight-chain) of hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of D-glucose molecules linked to each other.
  • The length of jute fibre varies from 1 to 4 metres.

Characteristics of jute fibre

Listed below are the characteristics of Jute

  • Economical, cheap and affordable by many people.
  • Soft in nature as compared to other fibres.
  • It is lustrous in nature.
  • The entire length of just fibre has uniformity and is more commercial.
  • The long length plays a significant role to consumers.
  • Jute is also referred to as the golden fibre due to its dominant versatile nature and colour.

Applications of jute fibre

Given below are the few applications of jute fibre

  • Used in the production of matting and twine.

  • Used in the making of rope.

  • Jute mixed with sugar becomes to make parts of aeroplanes.

  • Jute fibre helps to prevent soil erosion.

  • Used in the production of cloth and sacks

  • Production of carpets and rugs.

  • Used in the production of hessian cloth.

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