How can we control the breeding of mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes can transmit diverse infectious pathogens and parasites that cause diseases such as dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile fever, or malaria. Therefore, mosquitoes are so-called disease vectors. In order to do so, though, a mosquito must bite a sick human first, thereby infecting itself with the pathogen. After some time usually around ten days, the mosquito itself becomes infectious.

Steps destruct mosquitoes

A few steps are recommended to destruct mosquitoes at different stages, they are:

  • Eliminate breeding places – breeding places of mosquitoes should be completely destroyed. Suitable measures should be taken to fill up puddles and small ponds.
  • Spraying – spraying DDT and such insecticides in mosquito-dwelling places can destroy adult mosquitoes
  • Biological control – the introduction of fishes such as Gambusia in ponds can selectively devour mosquito larvae
  • Spraying on stagnant water – some greasy oil or kerosene should be poured on water making a thin film on the surface. The oil kills pupae and larvae when they surface to breathe.

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