How can we visualize sound?


Sound is nothing but a vibration that propagates as a typical mechanical wave of displacement and pressure, through a transmission medium such as water or air.

  • In the framework of interactive arts, we consider the value of visualising sound. As a result, music visualisation is implemented through the translation of music into graphic depictions. The sound object might be shown as spheres, or the colour region may be used to indicate a parametric variation zone.
  • The use of a controller, such as a keyboard mouse or a joystick, can then be used to explore sensitive vibrations in sound and music.
  • New ways to sound visualisation are emerging as a result of our relationship with computer science tools, evolving on the manner of emulation and transduction between machine and man.
  • The temptation of real-time sonification of image produced by sound visualisation emerges in this situation.

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