How did plank explained the black body radiation?

Based on Max Plank’s postulates of electromagnetic radiation, Plank explained the black body radiations.

✔ Matter can either absorb or release energy only of some characteristic frequencies and not all.

✔ Energy absorption or emission hence cannot be continuous but only discrete.

✔ The energy absorbed or emitted = E = hν: where,

h is a Planks constant= 6.626 ×10-34 Js and ν is the frequency of radiation.

✔ Total energy of the radiation is emitted is an integral multiple of this basic unit. E= nhν

✔ Intensity function; ρ(λ,T) \(=frac{2h{{c}^{2}}}{{{lambda }^{5}}}times frac{1}{frac{hc}{{{e}^{lambda KT}}}-1}\)

When, λ → 0, \(frac{hc}{{{e}^{lambda KT}}}=frac{hc}{lambda KT}+1\), so that,

=\(=,frac{2h{{c}^{2}}}{{{lambda }^{5}}}times frac{lambda KT}{hc},=frac{2cKT}{{{lambda }^{4}}}\)= Reyleigh -Jeans formula

So, Plank’s, relation is valid even at low wavelength and does not predict ‘ultraviolet catastrophe’.

The particle (quantum) model proposed by Max Plank explains black body radiation,.

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