How Do Auxins Promote The Growth Of A Tendril Around Support?

Auxins are a powerful growth hormone, which are naturally produced by plants. In all higher plants, this plant growth regulator are produced within the tips of roots and stems and in flower buds.

There are different types of Auxins, among which Indole Acetic Acid -IAA is the naturally synthesized and the first plant growth regulatorsto be discovered. Auxins are mainly involved in Auxins are the group of plant hormones found in all plant tissues and have a wide range of uses in a plant. It helps in promoting the cell division, elongation of the stem, inhibit the growth of lateral bud and root growth.

In Tendrils, including sweet pea, passionflowers and grapevine, auxins – a powerful growth hormone stimulates the plant cells to grow longer on the opposite side by increasing the concentration. Therefore, this promotes more growth in the external parts compared to the internal parts of the tendrils forming coils around the support.

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