How do you calculate the frequency of a wave?

Frequency is the revolutions per second or number of wave cycles. The Frequency is expressed in Hertz (Hz).


If one considers any wave in terms of wavelength and velocity, the Frequency Formula is articulated as

Frequency formula 1

f=ν / λ
the frequency of the wave is f,
the wave velocity or wave speed is V,
the wavelength of the wave is λ.

If the light wave is considered, then the frequency is articulated as

Frequency formula 2

f=c / λ


c is the velocity of light.

Frequency in terms of angular frequency is articulated as

Frequency formula 3

f= ω / 2π
Where ω is the angular frequency.

Frequency formula 4

f=1 / T

Where T is time period

The formula for the frequency of a wave is used to find frequency (f), time period (T), wave speed (V) and wavelength (λ).

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