How does lymph differ from the blood?


Blood is the unique fluid connective tissue present in our body and it plays a significant role in transporting a wide variety of substances to different parts of the body. Lymph is a clear to white fluid tissue which is composed of lymphocytes and white blood cells. Lymph is the part of the lymphatic system and is generally found in the lymphatic vessels and in the various cavities of the body.

Differences between the Blood and the Lymph

The difference between the blood and the lymph are tabulated below.

Blood Lymph
Blood is a part of the circulatory system Lymph is part of the lymphatic system
It is a reddish coloured fluid and contains plasma, RBCs, WBCs, and platelets. It is part of the lymphatic system and contains plasma and a lesser number of WBCs and platelets.
Carries more oxygen and digested food. Carries less oxygen and digested food.
The movement of blood is in a circular motion The movement of lymph is in a single direction.


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