How is a major policy decision taken?

  • A democracy needs institutions that take decisions, it needs institutions that implement the decisions taken and it also needs institutions who can resolve disputes arising from the decisions taken or while implementation of decisions are taking place.
  • A democracy functions well, when these institutions are able to to perform their assigned functions and duties.
  • The basic functions and powers of every institution are laid down by the Constitution of the country.
  • The institution which takes decisions on all important policies is the Prime Minister and his cabinet.
  • The decisions taken by the ministers are implemented by the civil servants, the task of implementation is their responsibility.
  • If any disputes arise between the Government and the citizens then it is the Supreme Court that finally settles these disputes.
  • It is never easy to work with institutions.
  • There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed by the institutions.
  • The hands of the leaders can be binded by these lengthy procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Institutions have to follow routines, committees and undergo many meetings.
  • Usually this leads to complications and delays in the decision making, which can lead to frustrations.
  • It may also lead to a thought process that decisions should be taken by one person without any meetings, procedures and rules.
  • But hasty decisions taken by one person would be against the spirit of the democracy.
  • Some of the complications and delays initiated by institutions are beneficial.
  • This helps in providing an opportunity to consult a wider range of stakeholders before taking any decision.
  • Institutions not only make it difficult to take a quick decision which can lead to positive results, but this difficulty also prevents the institutions from rushing through a bad decision. 

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