How would you calculate the speed at which the earth revolves around the sun in m/s?

Calculate from the average distance of earth from the sun and the time it takes to complete one orbit at about 3×104ms−1

The average distance of the Earth from the Sun is approximately 150 million km or 1.5×1011m

The orbit of the Earth around the sun can be taken as 365 days roughly

So the path that the Earth traverses in 365 days is approximately the circumference of a circle of radius 1.5×1011m.

C=2πr to find that this is about 9.4×1011m.

The number of seconds in 365 days is:

365 x 24 x 60 x 60=31536000

Thetangential velocity of the Earth is approximately:


That is 30 km per second.

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