If theta1 and theta2 be the apparent angles of dip observed in two vertical planes at right angles to each other, then the true angle of dip theta is given by: (a) tan^2 θ = tan^2 θ1+ tan^2 θ2 (b) cot^2 θ = cot^2 θ1 - cot^2 θ2 (c) tan^2 θ = tan^2 θ1 - tan^2 θ2 (d) cot^2 θ = cot^2 θ1 + cot^2 θ2

Angle of dip is also known as the magnetic dip and is defined as the angle that is made by the earth’s magnetic field lines with the horizontal.

tan θ1 = V/H1

tan θ2 = V/H2

tan θ = V/H


H1 and H2 are horizontal components in two planes at 900 to each other,



(V cot θ)2 = (V cot θ1)2 + (V cot θ2)2

⇒ cot2θ = cot2θ1 + cot2θ2


The correct answer is option (d) 

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