In which hemisphere does India lie?

India lies in the Northern hemisphere, with the mainland extending between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E.


  • The Tropic of Cancer (23° 30’N) divides the country into almost two equal parts, where the Lakshadweep islands lie in the Arabian Sea to the southwest of the mainland and the Andaman and Nicobar islands lie in the Bay of Bengal to the southeast of the mainland.
  • From south to north, the mainland of India extends between 8°4’N and 37°6’N latitudes.
  • From west to east, India extends between 68°7’E and 97°25’E longitudes.
  • Due to great longitudinal extent of about 29°, there could be wide differences in local time of places located at two extreme points of India. As such, the difference between these two points would be of about two hours.

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