Judges of the district courts are appointed by__________

The District Courts in country India are the district courts of the State governments in India for every district or for one or more districts together taking into account of the number of cases, population distribution in the district. They monitor justice in the country at a district level.

Appointment of district court judge

The district court is handed over by a district judge. The district judge is appointed by the state governor with on the advice of chief justice of the high court of the state. In addition to the district judge, there may be few number of additional district judges and assistant district judges as per the workload.

Features of district court

  • The court of the district judges is the highest civil court in a district.
  • It comprises of both administrative and judicial powers.
  • The court of the District Judge resides in the district HQ.
  • The court can also try to solve the criminal and civil cases and hence, the judge is called District and Sessions Judge.
  • Under the district courts, there are courts of the Sub-Judge, Additional Sub-Judge and Munsif Courts.

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