List the factors that affect the climate of a place.

Climate is the long term condition of a particular region. The climate changes in the particular region is based on the atmosphere and environmental conditions of that region.

Factors that affect the climate of a place

The climate of a place is influenced by a host of interacting factors such as:


The places located at higher altitudes lie far from the equator and receive less sunlight and places that are situated towards the equator receives more sunlight and are hotter than the places located at higher latitudes. Sunlight also causes low precipitation or rainfall.


The place at higher region or at high altitude the atmosphere experiences less pressure. As the gas residing in the atmosphere rises, it experiences feeling less pressure, hence causing it to expand.

Ocean Currents

Ocean currents are able to transfer heat energy from land to sea or vice versa thus affecting the temperature of the region.


Topography refers to the shape of a land. Latitudes and elevation ranges are the key factors that lead to fluctuation in surface temperatures hence leading to climate change.


Vegetation mainly comprises of trees in the region. Due to the release of water vapour during photosynthesis into the air, it alters the surface energy fluxes and leads to potential cloud formation.

Prevailing winds

Winds distribute and spread particular air masses. The direction of the wind helps to determine the climate of a region. The wind coming from the humid region bring cool air while that from the dry region would brings hot air.


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