Mixture Of Sand And Slit Is Called?

It is called Loam. 

Soil consists of three chief mineral parts which impart the mineral texture to it, namely – sand, slit and clay. The largest in size amongst these constituents is sand which tends to hold some amount of water but also enables aeration. Slit are the medium-sized particles exhibiting properties of both sand and clay. Clay particles are the tiniest in size. Their compact nature does not drain water well and allows little to no air to seep in. 

Loam is the mixture of sand(40%), slit(40%) and little quantity of clay(20%). The proportions, however, varies resulting in the formation of different types of loam soils, namely:

  • Loam
  • Sandy loam
  • Clay loam
  • Silty loam
  • Sandy clay loam
  • Silty clay loam

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