Name the 2 subdivisions of the eastern coastal plains


The 2 subdivisions of the Eastern Coastal plains are Coromandel Coast and Northern Circar.

  • Coromandel coast is the Southern part of the Eastern Coastal plains.
  • Northern Circar is the Northern part of the Eastern Coastal plains.
  • The Eastern Coastal plains is located between Bay of Bengal to its East and Eastern Ghats to its West.
  • Extensive deltas have been formed in the East Coast by large rivers such as the Cauvery, the Godavari river, the Krishna river, and the Mahanadi river.
  • When compared to Western Coast, the Eastern Coastal plains are broad.
  • The Eastern Coastal plains are very fertile due to Alluvial Soil.
  • Unlike the Western Coastal plains, the Eastern Coastal plains have a level surface.

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