Name the branch which deals with behaviour of matter.

Quantum mechanics is the branch of science which deals with the behaviour and character of matter and energy interaction with the atoms of matter. One of the successes of quantum mechanics is quantum numbers . The four quantum numbers were first used in the one dimensional model of Bohr. These numbers are related to structure of atoms and it in mathematical form. These numbers show the electronic distribution in the atom. All numbers give the information about the size of the orbit, distribution of electrons, magnetic property, orbital size, shape, and orientation in space.

The model of Schrodinger used these numbers in three dimensional spaces. So, the three coordinates are taken from Schrodinger’s wave equations. These three coordinates are the principal number, angular number, and magnetic numbers. Now these numbers are studied in their four parts that are principal, angular, magnetic, and spin quantum number. Here we are discussing about all the quantum number and rules for finding these numbers. Letƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s discuss that.

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