Name the capital city of Bangladesh.

Dhaka is the capital city of the country Bangladesh. Formerly the city was now as Dacca. It is the largest city in the country.


  • It is the political, economical and cultural centre of the country.
  • The population of the city is 8,906,039.
  • The city lies on the lower reaches of the Ganges Delta and covers a total area of 306.38 square kilometres.
  • Dhaka has the largest number of schools, colleges and universities of any Bangladeshi city
  • Cricket and football are the two most popular sports in Dhaka and across the nation


  • The country shares the 4096.7km border with India.
  • The official language in the country is Bengali.
  • Bangladeshi Taka is the currency in the country.
  • The country comprises of 8 States/ Provinces.
  • Bangladesh stretches its area of 1,43,998 sq km and coastline is 580km.
  • Islam is a popular religion in the country.

Border shared between India and Bangladesh

Border Line share between India and Bangladesh is 4096.7 Km. It is the fifth-longest land border in the world. India and Bangladesh share one of the longest borders in the world and it covers an area of 1,43,998 sq km and along with a coastline of 580 km.

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