Name the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu state. The city is also known by the name Madras. It is referred to as the home for many educational and research institutions. Chennai is located on the coast in the northeastern portion of the state.

Area and Population

  • The city of Chennai stretches its area for about 50,216 square miles (130,058 square km).
  • The population of the city as per 2011 census is 72,138,958.

Educational hub

  • IIT Madras, one among the top centres of engineering education in India.
  • The Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Chennai is considered as the top MBA institute in India.
  • Altogether, the Tamil Nadu state has 2,550 schools, 1,150 colleges, and 37 universities.
  • It can be also called an educational hub.

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