Name the right bank tributaries of the river Ganga.

Ganga is the largest river in the country. It has many tributaries. The tributaries of river Ganga are classified as Left bank and right bank tributaries. The right bank tributaries of Ganga river are Yamuna, Son, Punpun and Damodar. The Yamuna also called as Jamuna is the longest and second-largest tributary in north India. The left tributaries are Gomti, Ghaghara, Gandaki, and Kosi. The river is considered as the holiest river according to the Hindu customs and tradition. Ganga river is one of the most-visited holy place in the entire India.

Facts About Ganga

  • The Ganga originates as the Bhagirathi from the Gangotri glacier
  • Before it reaches Devprayag in the Garhwal Division, the Mandakini, Pindar, the Dhauliganga and the Bishenganga rivers merge into the Alaknanda and the Bheling drain into the Bhagirathi
  • The Pindar River rises from East Trishul and Nanda Devi unite with the Alaknanda at Karan Prayag
  • The Mandakini meets at Rudraprayag
  • The water from both Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda flows in the name of the Ganga at Devprayag

Due to overcrowding and tourism, the river Ganga has become polluted. To eradicate the pollution our government has taken action to clean Ganga. The tasks is referred to as the Ganga Action Plan.

Ganga Action Plan

  • Ganga Action Plan was announced in 1985 by the Ministry of Environment & Forests.
  • This was the first River Action Plan that was introduced for the improvement of water quality through interception, diversion and treatment of domestic sewage.
  • The plan aimed in preventing the entry of toxic and industrial chemical wastes to the river.
  • Ganga action plan was started with the objective of pollution abatement from river Ganga.
  • It is a 100% centrally sponsored scheme. under this plan, the National River Ganga basin authority was established and declared Ganga as a national river of India.
  • The authority is headed by the prime minister and chief ministers of all the states in which river Ganga flows.

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