(NH4)2MoO4 is used for the detection of__________

(NH4)2MoO4 is used for the detection of phosphorous.


(NH4)2MoO4   is the chemical formula of the compound Ammonium orthomolybdate. The compound is a white solid that is prepared by treating molybdenum trioxide with aqueous ammonia.

Detection of phosphorous

The organic compound Ammonium orthomolybdate is treated with sodium peroxide(Na2O2). Phosphorus gets converted to sodium phosphate.

  • The aqueous extract is heated with concentrated nitric acid (HNO3) and ammonium molybdate{ (NH4)2MO4 )}.
  • A canary yellow precipitate of ammonium phosphomolybdate is collected.
  • This yellow precipitate formed shows that Phosphorus is present in the organic compound.

Reaction that take place during the process

  • In the first step, the reaction takes place as follows


  • In the second step, the reaction takes place as follows

H3PO4+12(NH4)2MoO4+21HNO3⟶(NH4)3PO4⋅12MoO3+ 21NH4NO3+12N2O

(NH4)3PO4⋅12MoOis the yellow precipitate formed.


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