One Solid Sphere A And Another Hollow Sphere B Are Of Same Mass And Same Outer Radii. Their Moment Ofinertia About Their Diameters Are Respectively I A And I B Such That:(A) Ia = Ib (B) Ia > Ib (C) Ia < Ib (D)Ia/Ib = Da/Db

The correct answer is (C) Ia < Ib

Given; mass and radius of both the spheres are the same.

Now as moment of inertia of solid sphere,  \(I_{a} = \frac{2}{2}MR^{2}\)

Moment of inertia of hollow sphere, \(I_{b} = \frac{2}{3}MR^{2} \) \(\Rightarrow I_{a} < I_{b} \)

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