Quarks are entities that have___________

Quarks are entities that have fractional electric charges.  Quarks are fundamental matter particles that are constituents of neutrons and protons.

Definition of Quark

A quark is a fundamental particle that possesses both an electric charge and a strong charge. They combine in groups of two or three to form composite objects (called mesons and baryons, respectively), which are held together by strong forces. Protons and neutrons are common examples of such composite objects, these both are made up of three quarks.

Features of Quark

Listed below are few features of Quark

  • A quark is any group of subatomic particles believed to be among the fundamental constituents of matter. In much the same manner that protons and neutrons make up atomic nuclei, these particles themselves are thought to comprise quarks.
  • Quarks constitute all hadrons (baryons and mesons) which indicates all particles that interact by means of the strong force, the force that binds the components of the nucleus.
  • According to prevailing theory, quarks have mass and exhibit a spin.
  • Quarks do not have an apparent structure.

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