Refractive index of four medium A,B,C,D are 1.31,1.65,1.44,1.50 respectively the velocity of light is maximum in which ? And how

The refractive index of medium A is least that is 1.31, so the velocity of lght will be maximum in medium A.

We know that the relationship between velocity and refractive index is given by:

n= c/v

Where ,

n= refractive index of medium

c= Velocity of light in vaccum

v= Velocity of light in that medium

Rearranging the above equation we get

v=c / n

Velocity and refractive index are inversly porportional.

Hence when the refractive index is smaller the velocity of light will be maximum.

So the medium A having the least refractive index will have the maximum velocity.

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