State and explain lenz law in details

According to lenz’s law, the induced EMF always opposed the cause which is producing it.

If the cause of the induced EMF is a time varying current, then the induced EMF opposes the changes in current and maintaining status quo.

If the cause is growth of current in the loop then, the induced EMF establishes a current in opposite direction opposing the cause. Similarly, if the cause of induced EMF is decay in the current then the induced EMF establishes a current in original current direction, Thus again opposing the growth. Thus, lenz’s law is in accordance with the law of conservation of energy principle.

If lenz’s law is wrong, then the induced EMF support the cause. Then the induced EMF further increases the rate of change of \({{phi }_{B}}\) and the induced EMF again supports, if this continues the energy of the circuit goes on ­ which violates the conservation of energy principle.

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