Sustainable management of natural resources means:


Sustainable management of natural resources means to conserve the resources, use them efficiently and to avoid their misuse for individual purposes.

Management of natural resources

Management of natural resources is highly important both for us and future generations.

  • It deals with the management of resources like coal, water, soil, land, animals, trees, etc.,
  • It means taking care of the biodiversity, of the environment, of marine life, not just thinking of now, but keeping in mind the needs of future generations, so that the coming generation can also benefit from natural resources, and that we leave a better world for them.

Objective of management of natural resources

The aim of natural resource management is to achieve sustainability by achieving a healthy balance between the three factors mentioned below:

  • People, communities, and other social factors
  • Factors affecting the economy include employment, jobs, capital, and so on.
  • Animals, plants, biodiversity, and other environmental factors

All three variables are interconnected, and the only way to achieve a reasonable balance between them is to properly manage natural resources.

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