The diagram shows liquid in a burette and in a measuring cylinder.Which row shows the readings for the burette and the measuring cylinder? (1) Burette - 27.8 , measuring cylinder - 42 (2) Burette - 27.8 , measuring cylinder - 44 (3) Burette - 28.2 , measuring cylinder - 42 (4) Burette - 28.2 , measuring cylinder - 44

Answer: (2)

Liquid in a burette and in a measuring cylinder.

A measuring cylinder is also known as graduated cylinder or mixing cylinder is commonly used in the laboratory to measure the volume of the liquid. It has a narrow cylindrical shape and each line in the cylinder denotes the quantity of the liquid. Each count is the same as 2 units.

∴ Reading of measuring cylinder is = 44

Burette also measures the volume of the liquid and used in the laboratory but graduation measures from the top to bottom. The difference in the initial and the final volume is the same as the quantity dispensed. Each count in the burette is same as 0.1.

∴ Reading of burette is = 27.8

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