The dimensional formula for impulse is_______


The dimensional formula for impulse is [M L T-1]

What is impulse?

Impulse in Physics is a term that is used to describe or quantify the effect of force acting over time to change the momentum of an object. It is represented by the symbol J and is usually expressed in Newton-seconds or kg m/s.

Impulse = Force X Time

Hence, the dimensional formula for impulse is [M L T-1].


Impulse can be defined as the sudden force acting on an object for a short interval of time.

Dimensional formula of impulse

We know the formula

Impulse= Force X Time

Also from Newton’s second law of motion

Force = Mass X Acceleration

Hence the dimensional formula of force is M1 L1 T-2

On substituting the force dimensional formula in the formula of impulse we get,

Impulse = Force × Time

I = [M1 L1 T-2] × [T] = [M1 L1 T-1]

The impulse is dimensionally described as [M1 L1 T-1].

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