The larva of a housefly is called a ___________


The larva of a housefly is called a maggot.

Life cycle of housefly

A housefly’s life cycle starts with the egg. A single batch of 150 eggs can be laid by a female housefly. She’ll lay five or six batches of eggs over the course of a few days. For egg laying, female houseflies prefer moist, dark surfaces like manure, compost, and other decomposing organic material. Some houseflies lay eggs that look like rice grains.

Within a day, house fly eggs hatch into larvae, also known as maggots. Maggots are legless white insects that feed from the egg-laying site for 3 to 5 days. During this time, maggots will hatch several times. They then choose a dark place to pupate.




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